Yoga Studio For Sale or Rent

Looking For A Yoga Studio For Sale or Rent To Teach In?

You're in luck! I'm finally letting go of the yoga studio I set up at Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. I've invested a considerable amount to make the renovations and to set up this space as a yoga studio and also a cosy little living environment.

Although it's hard to let go of I must because, I've decided to spend most of time on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand.

I'm eager to pass this onto someone who is passionate about teaching yoga.

The shop within which this yoga studio is located, is being rented by me currently.

If you understand the value of convenience and not having to spend more time renovating a place then keep reading.

I'd like for someone to “buy over” the renovations I've done. Everything is set up for you to take over this yoga studio and literally begin teaching right away.

Then you'll simply continue to take over the rental of the shop from me and deal directly with the owner. Really simple and easy to get running right away!


Who This Yoga Studio Is Best For

If you've had the idea brewing in your mind of setting up your own yoga studio, or if you've been on the lookout for a space/shop to rent to make into a yoga studio, this is PERFECT for you!

If you've been looking for a shop/space to rent to convert into a yoga studio, this is PERFECT for you!

If you want to set up a yoga studio (and business) with the least effort or time, and want to hit the ground running with it, this yoga studio is PERFECT for you to rent!

If you're single perhaps and/or looking for a space to live in also, this is the PERFECT “two-in-one” opportunity for you because, as mentioned before I've already set it up so that you'll have a small bedroom and office space with all the basic quality furnishings you'll need.


Other Benefits of Taking Over This Yoga Studio For Rent

Marketing benefit

Besides the HUGE convenience factor of having to do no more renovations or setting up, there's also the ADDED marketing benefit of the ideal marketing location.

Right opposite this awesome yoga studio is Tesco. You'll have loads of people passing by. All you need is your own yoga studio banner or sign to be put up. Ara Damansara is rapidly developing with two or three new condo developments either just completed or going to be complete all within 500m of this yoga studio.

Needless to say, increasing your clientele will be a simple process with little effort required.

Living and Working Space Too

As mentioned before there's also a bedroom and office. Ideal if you'd like a place to live in but if not, you may use the partitioned space for something else.

The partitioned office space is actually set up to be a work space AND a little filming studio (where I've done all the filming of my videos). If you believe you'll benefit from having a filming studio, there is the option of me leaving all the video filming equipment (coloured backgrounds, lighting kits and professional video camera) for you.

What You Should Do Next

I've made a video tour for anyone who's serious about this opportunity. Only if you're seriously considering getting your own yoga studio set up, simply fill in the form below with your details so that I can get in touch with you, AND so that I can send the video tour I made.

The reason I'm doing it this way, besides only wanting serious inquires is because, I'm out of Malaysia a lot and choose not to have my Malaysian number ringing while I'm overseas.

By filling out the form below, I can get in touch with you when I'm in K.L.

Take action fast because I'll be moving to Thailand soon and will be sure to get this space taken over by someone fast. I wish you the best of everything.