Blogging Tips Straight From Seasoned Experts

Well, you know what they say, EXPERIENCE is the best teacher. For those of us who have over 10 years of blogging experience, there is certainly more to be said beyond the theories and blogging tips published online.

 Expertise Through Experience

Blogging TipsWhether you are just starting out or you have been running your blogs for several years now, you can look forward to learning a thing or two from seasoned experts.

When it comes to blogging, there is certainly no fixed formula. It is, in all essence, a constant learning experience.

With this in mind, I thought of coming up some valuable blogging tips straight from different blogging experts who have conquered their niche and managed to maintain their dominance over the years. I have thrown in my two cents as well in the hopes that you will be able to find these blogging tips valuable in your pursuit of realizing your personal goals.

Content is King

No surprise here. You have probably come across same blogging tips extolling the importance of quality content. The truth is it cannot be stressed enough. Blogs are content-driven websites. Without relevant and quality content, people will have no reason to visit your site.

However, it doesn’t just end there. Over the years, I have learned that you don’t have to simply post content, it should be scheduled and produced frequently. Otherwise, your traffic may spike up and soon after die if content production is not consistent.

Content Is KingCommit to posting at the very least one new post per week, which means you have four in a month. It is generally recommended that you release them following the same schedule or day of the week.

This will help people determine when to come back and check for new content. The more content you have posted, the more pages Google will index. This is definitely one of those critically important blogging tips you should never overlook or shrug off.

 Diversify Your Income

Over the years, aside from attaining some solid experience, I also made it a point to update myself with the latest techniques and news, especially the latest blogging tips. This is one of those blogging tips I have come across.

If you are starting to make money off Google Adsense, don’t just stop there. In the online world, things change at a rapid pace. You may be early a hefty amount of money today, and not a dollar the next. If you are planning to blog for a living and make it your primary source of income, diversify.

Don’t merely rely on Google Adsense. Consider incorporating on-click ads, private ads, text ads, or shopping elements. Keep in mind that good things do not always last. You should NOT put all your eggs in one basket.

Quality Content Is Key

So you have committed yourself to publishing at least one content every month. It should not be just any other content. What some people fail to realize or often forget is that you are not merely writing to simply fulfill an obligation to post on a regular basis. You are creating content for people to read. This means, it needs to be engaging and compelling enough for people to actually want to visit your website regularly, making it a favorite daily destination.

Do Not Rely Solely On Google For Traffic

So many bloggers out there tailor their websites and content to make it appealing for Google. It seems like all SEO efforts are focused on winning Google’s favor on search engine results. Years ago, people were crushing it with Google search results on the first page. But when the Panda update hit, it

Invest In A User-Friendly Website

This is one of the most important blogging tips you will ever come across. Navigation seems like a basic thing, right? But while you may be able to work your way around the site with ease, the users may not have the same experience. If your website is not user-friendly enough, people will end up leaving your site frustrated. Ask a few friends to evaluate your website, preferably a regular consumer with no or little knowledge on surfing online. This will give you a better idea what key areas you need to work on.

I am hoping that through these blogging tips you will be able to direct the growth of your website towards the right direction. See you at the top, then!