How To Transfer iTunes Content To Another Computer Easily

iTunes Home Sharing

 Many Other Solutions Out There Don't Work

Are you having trouble transferring your iTunes music, apps, books from mac to another?

For the purpose of explaining all this easier, I will be referencing “old mac” and “new mac”. “Old mac” simply means the mac with iTunes containing all the content you have. “New mac” is the mac you want to transfer the iTunes content to.

I searched online long and hard to find a solution that works for me but didn't find anything. Most blog posts and videos were either outdated because they only applied to earlier version of iTunes, or were describing an approach which didn't really apply to what I wanted.

Different Approaches To Transfer iTunes Content

There are a couple of approaches that do work but it depends on the outcome you want.

One approach you can find online, is to copy the entire iTunes folder from your “old mac” (wherever it's located on your mac) to the a location you want it to be at in the “new mac” (other mac). The problem with this approach is, it copies all the files including the iTunes library (xml) file. That means that both Macs think they have the same library. I've used this approach before but didn't want to do it this way this time.

This time I wanted each Mac to have it's own individual library file. And that's where I came across so many posts and videos which didn't do the job.

Finally, after hours of testing and experimenting, I found how to get the result I want using the built in “home sharing” function of iTunes.

Using iTunes Home Sharing To Transfer iTunes Music, Apps, Books

So, instead of trying to explain this to you with text, I've made this simple and easy to follow video for you. Go ahead and watch it now, and if you follow the simple instructions in the video, within the next 30 mins or 1 hour, you'll have both your iTunes on both your computers containing the same content.

Have fun with the process and please post comments or any discoveries you have.

How To Transfer iTunes Content To Another Computer Easily Using Home Sharing (Click Play)