Superhuman Wolverine

The Imperfect Human

Suprise! Surprise! I am imperfect, not superhuman. 

Hence why from day one I called this “The Superhuman Project”, which implies ongoing work, and a journey of constant setbacks and improvements, of falling off the wagon and getting back on again. 

The last time I intentionally put energy and focus into my Superhuman Project was about 2 years ago. Since then, life has presented me “interesting opportunities for growth” and priorities changed. Simply said, I lost focus on my journey and process towards creating a superhuman body. 

Can you resonate or identify with this in your own personal life? 

Have you also had phases in you life where you were so on track and “nailing it”, but then you or your life took a turn in some way, and you got off track?

Do you desire to get back on track and creating a superhuman-like body and mindset?

If you answered “YES”, follow me forward. Keep reading and I will share my entire process (documentation of my journey) so that you can learn from what I do or did, in terms of the mistakes, as well as, what worked.

The Success Principles

There are many ways and approaches to achieve the results you want in life. “Different strokes for different folks”, some people would say. 

But, as we all know, there are ingredients to success that work better than others, faster than others and perhaps even easier than others. 

One truth though is, if you want to achieve great things – if you want to become superhuman for example, have a superhuman body, or live a superhuman lifestyle, you're going to have to put in “the work”. 

I'm a big believer in finding the “right balance” between push and flow in anything I do. But that balance or inflection point between push and flow is never constant. It changes depending on what you're doing or what you're trying to achieve. 

The challenge I've seen many people (and coaching clients of mine) sufferring through is, trying to “fit everything into the same box” of thinking. They want a “one size fits all” system, approach and strategy.

Therefore, I will endeavour to not fall into that “fixed mindset”, and will do my very best to stay open and exercise a “growth mindset” as I reginite the Superhuman Project for myself.

The Game Plan

There are 3 ingredients I will focus on and make the cornerstones of this entire superhuman project process:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Consistency
  3. Flexibility

Through my previous successes and through coaching people from all over the world towards the life of their dreams, I have identified those 3 ingredients as what creates life-changing breakthoughs.


Keep it simple! 

Don't go for giant life-changing actions and breakthroughs all at once, even if you're super excited to get started and get results. 

Pacing is important. This is not a sprint. No big goals and results ever are.

Play the long game. 

Go for 2 milimeter changes, actions and results.

There's science that supports why this is the more effective approach to achieving big results.

Simplicity and keeping it small, going for less, especially in the beginning, makes it easier to keep going every day. There is less “pain” that gets triggered mentally and emotionally if you go for small actions and changes. 

Which leads nicely to the next ingredient…


By committing to taking simple, small actions, instead of big ones, you are more likely (almost guaranteed) to find it easier to do daily. 

Focus on consistency and building the habit of doing what you must do. 

Make it automatic. 

Slow and steady wins the race.

Many people want the rewards and the win fast, and this is normal because our brains are “wired” to go after dopamine (the pleasure/reward neurotransmitter). Biologically, we have been wired to think, “how can I get dopamine quickly and with the least effort?”

There's a saying I always share with my coaching clients – “The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination. Because the man who loves walking will walk further and longer, he will eventually reach his destination”.

That saying speaks to the power of consistency of action. 

And finally, the 3rd ingredients of success…


This goes hand in hand with “growth mindset”. 

Build the muscles of flexibility, creativity, and curiousity, and adopt the mindset of “I will do it anyway with whatever tools, equipment, time, energy or other resources I have now”.

The sooner you let go of the fixed beliefs about what you need first, in order to even get started doing what's important, the sooner you will get started even if you just do a little bit every day. 

If you start you are more likely to continue and do more. But if you don't start, you stay stuck and stagnant where you are. 

If you don't have the gym and equipment you need, get creative and find a different way to work out.

If you don't have 1 hour to do the “ideal workout” you have in mind, focus on the little time you DO HAVE and use it to workout, even if it's just a 5 or 10 minute workout. 

Just get started!

Develop a flexible and resourceful mindset – a growth mindset – and you will eventually get to your destination!

You can follow my progress by coming back to this post periodically, or easily get updates by filling out the form below to be notified when there are updates. Whatever is more convenient for you but you will want to stay tuned for updates because I guarantee you will want to “model” the formula I use to get results, once you see the results I get!

Tracking My Progress

Below I will document the progress I experience. 

Week 1:

*Measured by Withings “Body Cardio” scale.

Body weight – 79.5kg Fat mass – 16.5kg BMI – 24.8
Body fat % – 20.7% Muscle mass – 59.9kg Visceral fat – 
Week 2:

*Measured by Withings “Body Cardio” scale.

Body weight – 79.5kg Fat mass – 16.6kg BMI – 24.8
Body fat % – 20.8% Muscle mass – 59.8kg Visceral fat – 

*Measured by Xioami Mi Body Composition Scale 2.

Body weight – 79.4kg Fat mass – 19.0kg BMI – 24.4
Body fat % – 24.0% Muscle mass – 57.2kg Visceral fat – 13
Week 3:
Body weight –  Fat mass –  BMI – 
Body fat % –  Muscle mass –  Visceral fat – 
Week 4:
Body weight –  Fat mass –  BMI – 
Body fat % –  Muscle mass –  Visceral fat –