2 Keys To Greater Wealth And Happiness


Growth UpwardBelow, you'll watch Tony speak about two fundamentals that are necessary to creating greater wealth and happiness. No, not only financial wealth, but wealth in all areas of your life.

It doesn't matter if you're building a business or building up the quality of your personal life. There are a couple of fundamental aspects you must know and consistently apply in order to truly be on the upward path of CONSISTENT momentum.

If you consistently apply and live by these two fundamental principles, you are not guaranteed wealth and happiness because nothing in life is guaranteed except perhaps taxes, change and death!

BUT, if you don't apply these fundamentals consistently or if you stop placing focus on them, you're definitely guaranteed more of what you don't want. You'll be setting your life up in a way where it will be pushed and pulled around by everything else around you, and success will be fleeting and temporary at best.

There's a really powerful message or saying that I constantly remind myself of.

This message is so important to remember and significant that, if you do run your business and live by it, “life will never be the same again“! You ready for it?

“If you want to earn more, you have to be more!”


Here, in this video, Tony talks about a couple of keys to REALLY creating the kind of success and quality of life that others can only dream about. You may have watched it already but I would suggest you watch it again since, “Repetition is the Mother of All Skill”!

In this video you will learn:

  1. You must make raising your standards a “must”.
  2. You must change your limiting beliefs.

When do you stop? Never.

You always raise your standards if you want to be a true leader, and you must always be vigilant when those voices in your head that represent your limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot achieve start playing up.

Tony Robbins – The Psychology of the Leader