Blogging Income: Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Learn The Different Blogging Income Opportunities Available

The best thing about blogging is that you do not only get to do what you love (write), you also get to earn money out of it.

While it may not come easily, and it might not initially pay that much, here are some fool-proof ways to get the most out of your blogging efforts.

1. Start a Membership Program

This is becoming the trend online and it is easy to see why. By providing quality and highly informative articles on your blogsite, you can make this available to subscribers through a monthly membership program. The key here is building a content that anyone would be willing to shell out money for.

2. Sell information

With the seemingly insatiable need of everybody for information whether it be for matters vital to our lives or even to the mundane (think: gossip site), this could be a potential source of income for you. You can capitalize on your strength by concentrating on a niche or specific area of expertise.  Information could come in different packages, say audio, video, e-book – take your pick.

3. Be a Consultant

Here’s the thing – you do not necessarily have to earn income directly from your blog. Certain well-known motivational speakers, coaches, and consultants provide free content on-line. They build their brand and promote their expertise through their educational and instructive articles – and earn money elsewhere.

This can be quite tough. But if you already have the required experience and educational background, then this could be an ideal path for you to follow. Build your brand, attract an audience, and keep them interested. When you already have made a name for yourself, organizations and companies will tap you as their coach, consultant, or motivational speaker.

4. Sell a Product Online

This is, of course, not new. But for entrepreneurs with a great product line, this has always been an important means of reaching different markets. An advantage to this kind of marketing is that you need not shell as much money as you would had you placed your products on display, physically that is!

5. Serve as Affiliate of Other Companies

For the Internet savvy, this is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Why? You need not produce any products, and worry about things like inventory and sales. What you need to do is simply serve as an affiliate of any company or individual. You can post their products on your site. You get a commission for each item that is sold on your blog.

7. Try advertising

When you think of online revenues, advertising is probably the first thing that crops up in our minds. There are different advertisements which may be placed in you blog. The most common are banner and in-text ads. Ideally, you should sell the advertisement space directly because this will also translate to more income.

8. Get Paid for Your Posts

Whatever your market or niche is, chances are you will be writing about products which are of interest to your readers. This is a potential gold mine for bloggers since there are companies that pay bloggers for doing a review of their products.  Though this might be risky, you can always maintain the integrity of your blog by being honest about your reviews. And yes, it will also be ideal if you review products which you would not have mind reviewing even if you were not paid.