Guide To Link Building When Blogging For Money

Blogging For Money Ultimate Do’s And Dont’s On Link Building

Link Building Do's And Dont'sIn the past, I have shared to you the ultimate guide to keyword research. Today, it’s high time we gain a better understanding about linking building, more importantly, how to properly do it.

The Art of Link Building

Linking is recognized as one of the most inherent components and foundation when blogging for money. The ability to build a solid and powerful network of links can significantly help in strengthening your content. This will help make your audience coming back for more and drive in a steady stream of traffic.

When it is done correctly, it can prompt search engines to recognize your content to be relevant and rich – which is of course one of the goals when blogging for money.

There are basically three types of links, as detailed below:

  • Outgoing links – those that lead to other websites
  • Incoming links – those links from other sites that direct to your website
  • Internal links – those that redirect to other pages of your website.

Incoming Links

When it comes to blogging for money, incoming links from other websites provide search engines a strong indication of your blogs’ popularity. Therefore, obtaining a decent among of incoming links can be a gold rush, which is why some companies arrange link exchanges with other companies. However, this is one thing you want to AVOID. Google can penalize you for such practice. Keep in mind that it is not the QUANTITY of links that matter, but rather the QUALITY and RELEVANCE of the links pointing to your website.

Best ways to contain links include:

  • Creating exceptional content that compels the readers to share your information.
  • Reposting links to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Distribute links to news and announcements to appropriate news sites
  • Participate in relevant discussions in forms that will allow you to post your website’s URL.

Outgoing Links

Link Building StrategiesFor outgoing links, quality is also of primary importance. Keep in mind that these links can affect your reputation. Just like choosing friends, you want to hang out with people who are influential in the industry and can enhance your reputation. On the other hand, if you are hanging with a ‘bad crowd’ then can expect to be ultimately considered to be one of them.  This analogy aptly gives us a picture of how outgoing links work.

Here are ways to correctly ‘hang out’ with the right crowd:

  • Always choose to link to RELEVANT sites
  • Link only to CREDIBLE sites
  • Link to other sites with relevant keywords

Internal Links

One of the effective ways to strengthen your content is through internal link building. Consider linking your new article to a previous post that can be able to provide additional information that readers may find useful and provide them with a more comprehensive reading experience. Here are some guidelines:

  • Keep links on a specific page to a minimum number, following 1 for every 200 words rule.
  • Avoid linking the same page using the same keyword more than once.
  • Complete your link structure by identifying whether the link opens the same or new window. Also indicate link titles and tags, as these are used by search engines to measure relevance.
  •  Link to stable and lasting pages since you don’t want dead links to affect your rankings.

Now that you have a better idea on how to properly perform link building when blogging for money, you know better than engage in shady business of link exchanges and links stuffing. Do you have anything to add to this list? I would be happy to hear from you.