Book Review – Illusions

What Is Real? What Is Truth?

These are important questions to ask yourself because failure to do so will have limiting consequences in…

  1. The beliefs you set up in your mind
  2. Your experience of the world
  3. Your creative potential in life

As soon as we experience something, our brain has to attach meaning to it. That is a necessity in order for our ego identity to have some sense of certainty to exist in the world.

Each moment in your life, just before you attach meaning to any experience or situation, is the most critical moment of your life because that is your chance to choose the meanings you attach.

Attach “crappy” meanings, and you're setting yourself up for more limiting experiences and “suffering”.
Attach empowering meanings, and you're setting yourself up for more abundant experiences and greater success.

The “problem” is, often, the window for your brain to attach meaning is so small (even a split second sometimes), and most people are “unconscious” of the meanings they've attached.

That unconscious process of attaching meanings to situations or experiences in life is where we often create false models of reality for ourselves.

We begin to believe our limiting stories about why we can't do, become, or achieve what we want in life.

And that is the beginning of us limiting our expression as humans and our true potential!

Why You Want To Read “Illusions” By Richard Bach

This is an awesome book to read which was first published back in 1972 but has stood the test of time as one of the great classics.

It gently invites you to inquire and go within questions like “What is real?”, “What is truth?” and “What is possible?”

By the end of this book, you will likely begin feeling a renewed and expanded sense of what is possible for you and your life.

Click play to watch my video review of the book below and learn what you will gain by reading it.

Illusions – Richard Bach


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