Director Of Your Life Story

Here's an excellent question for you!

If you were the director of your own life story, how would you choose to write the story?

I shared a post with you about the 3 important decisions that you must make consciously and in alignment with the life you want to create. Those 3 questions and decisions were:

  1. What should I really focus on now?
  2. What meaning should I give this situation?
  3. What do I choose to do that will get me closer to the result I want?

It's especially at times of life that you feel are the toughest, and when you feel you have no other options available, that you must ask those 3 questions and consciously choose to align yourself with the higher standard you want to live at.

Speaking about tough situations or experiences or life conditions, everyone has a “story” about their life, their situation or life condition.

The “Story” You Hold Onto Will Determine What You Focus On


What you focus on for long enough will determine how you feel.

How you feel will inevitably determine the actions and/or quality of actions you take.

And finally, repetitive actions taken consistently in a certain direction will shape your destiny.

So if we were to get to the root of it, it would be reasonable to say that your story about how things are, is crucial to where your life ends up, wouldn't it?

If you choose to hold onto the “I am a victim story”, I'm sure you can imagine where life would end up.

If on the other hand, you chose the “Life is mine to design and I own the power to create what I want” story, then your life would be filled with more that is in alignment with that wouldn't it?

Let Go Of Your Limiting Stories And Write Better Ones

This is where I believe all of us could use a “kick in the butt” every once in a while in order to remind us to let go of the crappy stories we have and create better ones (me included)!

In a life coaching partnership, one of the great things is having the coach, who's not attached to the drama of your life, be able to call you out whenever you start running limiting stories and to remind you to create a more empowering story. The value of this is unquantifiable because, we are all so caught up in our own perceptions and dramas of our own life, and it gets really hard to see how our stories are trapping us where we don't want to be.

Even if you don't have a coach, you will want to find someone you can trust, and who you knows “has your back”, to be able to call you out whenever you start running limiting stories, and to hold you accountable to a higher standard.

To emphasize this point and the value of this content I'm sharing with you today, I want to share an amazing perspective with you, I'm sharing a video of an amazing guy who is living proof that, the story you choose to hold onto determines the quality you experience in your life.

And if you've ever had moments where you've felt like life was against you or you didn't have what it took to create the life you deserve and want, or if you were on the verge of giving up, I guarantee you, you will shift your focus and meaning as soon as you've watched this video!

Go ahead choose a better story and let go of the old dis-empowering one.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life