Formula For Success According To Robin Sharma

Formula For Success - Robin Sharma

Formula For Success - Robin Sharma

Do You Want The Formula For Success?

Success. Even if people have the knowledge or formula for success, most people still don't seem to move in that direction. Why? Great question!

I found this great ‘content-packed' video called “Formula for uncommon success” from Robin Sharma which I loved and just had to share with you.

Robin Sharma talks about 5 keys to success to apply that will help you greatly improve progress towards your goals, results or life that you want to create.

The Best Part

The best part about this formula for success is, the 5 keys are simple and easy enough to make use of daily. That's important because oftentimes, we have great ideas but we never take action on them. That's mainly because whenever we think about taking action, we feel it's too complicated or, it will take too much time or, the goal is too big to handle. So then we procrastinate right?

And as they say “Ideation without execution is delusion“. Robin shares that as well.

You can easily implement the 5 awesome ideas Robin Sharma shares in the video. But, as always, when you want to succeed at anything there must be persistence, consistency and the commitment to keep moving forward – you must find a way to keep going.

If you combine those qualities with Robin's 5 ideas you're about to learn, I have no doubt you will find yourself at a much better place in life by the end of the year – guaranteed!

Before you watch the video, I must be clear that the video below shares the first 3 keys. To hear him share the 4th and 5th keys of success, you'll need to subscribe to his email list. But, for your convenience, I'll give you detailed summary of the 4th and 5th keys here (because I've watched the complete “extended” video already).

5 Keys of The Formula For Success To Implement

  1. Know your one thing.
  2. Know your 3 key habits.
  3. Delete the ‘energy vampires'.
  4. Invest in personal development.
  5. Seek out ‘big joy'.

If you don't change your approach and what you're doing on a daily basis this year, then this year will be a repeat of last year. So watch the video, learn, grow and share your thoughts or key distinctions with others.

Then, once you've watched the 10 minute video, read on below for a description of the 4th and 5th key ideas in his formula for success.

Robin Sharma – Formula For Success

Summary The 4th and 5th Keys

The 4th key idea is all about investing in yourself. There's a wise quote that says, “If you want to earn more, you have to be more first”.

Well how do you “be” or “become” more? You grow, get stronger, and expand yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

What's one of the ways to do that? Invest in your growth. Immerse in learning about whatever it is you believe is going to take you in the direction of your goals and dreams. Invest in and learn what will help take you to the next level.

You can't expect to grow your income nor your bank account to a million dollars if you don't develop a million dollar mindset first. That's pretty basic common sense isn't it?

Finally the 5th key idea Robin Sharma talks about is, to “seek out big joy”. What does that mean?

It means, go do the things that bring you happiness. Immerse yourself in the activities, actions, projects and goals that already fulfill you now. A common mistake people make is to expect to be fulfilled and happy only AFTER they've accomplished or achieved what they want. If you do that, I guarantee, you'll experience a lot of suffering on the way to realizing your goals, whatever they are.

So go “seek out big joy” and begin living a fulfilling life now.


You've now learnt the 5 keys of Robin Sharma's Formula For Success. If you don't take action and execute on what you've learnt that all this will be pretty useless. Go out there and apply these 5 keys daily.

Share your distinctions and what you've taken away from this blog post in the comments below.

Wishing you a fulfilling and extraordinary life!