The Key to Success Is Not In The Big Things!

Key To Success

Want Success? Stop Trying To Make Big Changes!

Before you watch the video I made for you below that's important if you want greater success, what do you think about this? Do you think this is a bold statement to make, “Stop trying to make big changes if you want success”? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.

But here's the truth which applies to most people who start out on the journey of creating greater success, breakthroughs and results they want – they always try to make big changes and always try to do big things that they hope/think will get them big results fast!

Sadly, that approach is often short-lived. Even if one or two big things they do works by some chance, that effort, action or pace very quickly becomes unsustainable over time and guess what – they lose momentum or get burnt out.

Whatever area of life you look at, whether it's in business, health, fitness, relationships or anything else, time and time again you'll see people get inspired to reach a goal or milestone, then go out almost immediately and do something big.

Haven't you met at least one person who has said “I want to lose weight” (for example) and then right the next day they told you of how he/she tried to run 10km and is aching all over?

Maybe it's not exactly that version of the story but you get the picture don't you? Perhaps even you have a similar story to share?

The key to success lies in identifying the small changes, adjustments or actions you can take consistently, and then putting them into action.

Key to success

What does consistently mean? Consistently could mean every day or every time you do a particular activity.

Why is consistency so important? Because, with consistency, the small change we make or action we act upon, over time becomes habit and automatic.

It's much easier to make small changes or take small actions and have a greater likelihood of applying them consistently.

That's a much more balanced sustainable approach long term and will guarantee that you build the most important building blocks or foundation for years and years of success to come.

Watch the video I made for you. In it I share how a simple 2mm shift (tiny adjustment) in my approach resulted in a massive breakthrough while diving 30m deep on a single breath of air (no equipment)!

This key to success I share with you is very real and very applicable in life no matter what you do or want to do!

2mm Shifts To Create Breakthroughs & Success (Click Play)