Gratitude Series Bonus!

This Way To Gratitude

This is the bonus part of a 3 part series on gratitude and how you too can be creating an even more happy and fulfilling life if you begin cultivating gratitude daily.

If you ended up on this post and have not gotten the full value from the Gratitude Series yet, you can go access them here: Read The Gratitude Series

Here I present you a few really impactful and transformative videos I found immensely valuable, that you can feel grateful about too.

Enjoy watching them!

I'm gonna start with what I believe is the best. This first video will cause you to be in a state of marvel and be moved to an overflow of gratitude. I'm willing to bet $1000 on it!

Conception To Birth – Visualized

One word. MIRACLE!

Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

The things we see every day and take for granted in nature are so amazingly beautiful. Here's a reminder!

Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful

It's not happiness that makes us grateful but gratitude that makes us happy. Gratitude and happiness is not about having more or having all that you want. In this video, brother David, gives you a simple framework you can use in order to experience greater gratitude and greater happiness.

Measuring What Makes Life Worthwhile

This video doesn't start off speaking about gratitude but stick with it! It builds up towards it. It speaks about something revolutionary that's happening and a shifting momentum from what we're currently measuring in our pursuit of happiness, to measuring what actually matters that will bring us happiness.

Remember To Say Thank You

Ask for what you want… ask for the praise that you need so that people understand how to help you meet your needs. That's what you'll learn from this short video.

Did you enjoy them? Because I've shared all these with you, please vote or leave a comment and share with me which video moved you the most. I'd love to hear from you!