Why Is More Important Than How

Why Is More Important

“Why” Is More Important Than Anything Else

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Often, we get fixated on what we're going to do in order get the result we want. Most people tend to ask questions like, “How do I do that?”, “How am I going to achieve that?”, “What actions do I need to take to make that happen?” or similar questions.

Do you find yourself asking those kinds of questions first whenever you think of a result, outcome or goal you want to achieve?

Maybe sometimes you get the answers immediately whilst most other times you get stuck in those “how” and “what” questions because the goal you want to achieve is so big that you don't even know where or how to begin.

Isn't that true?

Even if you're able to come up with a few brilliant ideas of what you can do or how you can do it, the quality of the actions you take will be directly dependent on something else – “your why”!

Why Do You Want What You Want?

After figuring out what you want to achieve or create, the most important question you should be first of all answering is “Why do I really want it?” or “What's my purpose?”.

Figure out your “why” or “purpose” and the “what” or “how” naturally comes out with more energy, passion, excitement and determination.

Previously, I created another piece called “3 Powerful Questions That Get You Major Progress” in which I also highlight the importance of asking “why” first, even before you begin planning how or the steps you will take.

I found this great video where the speaker, Michael Jr., a stand up comedian, demonstrates the power of why and how greatly having a strong purpose can improve the action you take.

Even though you already know what to do and what action to take, having a strong why and being clear about it will radically transform how you do what you do.

“When you know why, ‘your what' has more impact, because you're walking in or towards your purpose.”

It's one of the best examples I have encountered of how a strong purpose leads to amazing actions and possibilities.

It's a quick and mind-expanding 3 min video you will be blown away by!

Go ahead, watch it now and share your thoughts by commenting below.

The Power of Your Why

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