3 Keys To Success And Breakthroughs That You Would Never Guess!

Breakthrough And Succeed

Are You Stuck At A Certain Level?

We all go through periods or times when we either feel stuck, or reach a point on our path towards our goals where we hit a roadblock.

And sometimes no matter what we keep trying, no matter how much we keep “pushing” forward, we can't seem to breakthrough.

Sound familiar?

Well, I've been through many experiences like that too.

Finally one day, I had sort of an epiphany.

And a framework to breakthrough – the 3 keys to breakthrough to the next level – revealed itself to me.

I've got to admit, what I realized was so contrary to what I believed or had learnt to do up to that point, especially the first key point you'll learn in the video you're about to watch.

How To Breakthrough And Succeed

What if I told you that in order to breakthrough to the next level and achieve a new standard of success you'd actually have to “not push”, would you believe that? Sure, there are times to push through or force your way towards success or your desired outcome, but often, that's not where the key lies and you'd end up over-consuming energy and time.

When we think of achieving success and breaking through, it's so natural (because of how we've been programmed or conditioned) to believe that we must try harder, do more, “push” forward or punch through (like punching through a brick wall), isn't it? Even the word “breakthrough” itself presupposes “breaking” through something, which implies applying force.

But what if most often you need to do the opposite of that? What if, you did the opposite, and found yourself unlocking higher levels of potential within you more easily? Wouldn't that be awesome?

That's really what this piece is about.

I was reminded of these “3 Keys To Breakthrough and Create Success” while I was freediving a while ago.

I kept encountering a block whereby I was finding it hard to equalize my ears when freediving deeper than about 26m. No matter what tricks or techniques I used, I still could not breakthrough and go deeper than that. Even if I could go deeper, sometimes to about 30m, it was a struggle to equalize my ears and just felt really uncomfortable.

But then something small shifted inside of my mind, I remembered these 3 keys, and everything changed for me literally within 5 mins. That freediving training day resulted in pretty crucial breakthroughs which went on to set a higher level foundation for all the breakthroughs I've been making since.

Like I said, what I'm about to share with you in the video is basic stuff, but it's “radically powerful” basic stuff that if you apply more often, will help you breakthrough with less effort, energy and time!

I won't build up the anticipation any longer so just go ahead and watch the video.

3 Keys To Breakthrough (Click Play)

  • Lainie says:

    Thanks for sharing something so simple yet profound! I’m going to make my week about taking it slowly to see how my body changes and what opens up because I know that when I’m rushing from here to there my body tenses up that has to impact how I’m projecting myself into the world and in my home and family! Thanks Lainie

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