Superhuman Project – Day 152

Superhuman Push Harder Today

Superhuman Push Harder Today

Superhuman Project – Day 152: Avoiding Complacency and Getting Back On Track (Click Play)

Day 152 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Saturday 5th Mar 2016:

  • Sleep: 10:30pm till 5am.

Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book lesson/s of the day:

  • No reading done today.

3 F's – Fun, Flow and Flexibility: 

  • Fun, flow and flexibility – remembering that during the hike today turned the hike into a profoundly more pleasurable and fulfilling experience rather than it just being a hike and my race against time!
  • More fun today by going a playing at the indoor trampoline park. Absolutely loved it! And what a great workout too!

Superhuman Project – Trampoline Park First Time – Dream Since I Was A Kid! (Click Play)

Here's the progress for day 152 of my superhuman project.

Measurements Recorded (on 12th Feb 2016)

Body weight – 75.3 kg (just an additional measurement because I had an initial goal of dropping to 75kg).

Biceps (Left / Right) – 13.0 (not flexed) & 14.4 (flexed) / 13.1 in (not flexed) & 14.5 (flexed)

Chest 39.7 in

Waist – 33.5 in

Hips – 37.5 in

Thighs (Left / Right) – 21.7 in / 21.7 in

Total Inches – 180.2 inches


  • Both biceps reduced very slightly.
  • Chest increased by 0.7 in.
  • Waist slightly less.
  • Hips reduced slightly.
  • Thighs about the same.
  • Really must do some different exercise to get biceps to increase to 15 in biceps.

Superhuman Diet


1 tsp wheatgrass powder with water.

Apple cider vinegar + psyllium husk + water.

4 fried eggs.


1/2 portion rice + cabbage + long beans + chicken.


1 big fillet of salmon + black beans + broccoli.


Morning (9am – post-hike):

  • Tiny portion rice + chicken.


  • 1 tandoori chicken breast.
  • 1 ice latte.

Superhuman Workout:


  • 20 mins meditation.

Freediving training (Pool Training):

  • None.

Strength Training:

  • Hike: Did the same hill hike. Did a steady fast pace to the first intermediate peak and then enjoyed it thereafter, while connecting with people I crossed paths with, and also shot a great video which I've included above. Total time for the whole hike was 1hr 35m.
  • Indoor Trampoline Park: 2 hours (with breaks) of fun jumping around and learning intermediate skills. So much fun! Freakin great cardio and core stability workout too.

Superhuman Push Harder Today