Superhuman Project – Day 226 – One Way To Level Up Your Life Faster!

Superhuman Level Up Faster

Superhuman Project – Level Up Your Life And Your Performance Faster Using The Principle of Contrast (Click Play)

Is There A Way To Increase Rate of Progress?

Ever wondered if it's possible to get better and stronger in your body and mind quicker?

Well it is possible.

The best part is, with what I share with you in the video, you can also bust through plateaus or barriers, whether they are mental or physical ones.

This strategy may not “feel easy” but it is simple in nature and certainly rewarding, and can produce greater results quicker!

The Principle of Contrast

The human brain is always comparing. Any information that is received by your brain is instantly compared to all the other information that already exists in there, in order to determine relevance, and to determine what will be kept or what will be deleted.

Because your brain is always comparing, you can use what I call the “Principle of Contrast” in order to cause faster adaptation to higher levels of intensity, workload and stress, so that, you get stronger and more effective with whatever it is you're doing faster.

I explain how to use the principle of contrast in the video, so go ahead and watch the video if you haven't yet.

Key To Success and Breakthroughs

Even if you feel you've plateaued in some area of your life or with some exercise (for your physical body), you can use the principle of contrast to create a breakthrough to the next level pretty fast.

Like I said, when you use it, it may not feel easy at that time, but when you realise you've had a breakthrough almost overnight or over a couple of days, you'll thank me, and you'll be glad you went through the discomfort!

Go ahead and watch the video above and leave a comment.