Superhuman Project – Day 199 – Freediving Breakthrough

Day 199 of my “Superhuman Project” (#shp), Thursday 21st Apr 2016

What an amazing breakthrough today in my freediving training!

There are two videos I share with you today. One here and another massive value one further below this post.

Time and time again, I'm amazed at the ability my body has to heal, strengthen, and progress at such a fast rate.

I'm also totally amazed at how babies adapt and improve so fast when the are taught using the foundation of “limitless potential and possibility” rather than fear. Watch the video at the bottom of this post to see that.

Superhuman Project – How I Do My Freediving Training In The Pool and With My Sons (Click Play)

Why I'm Sharing This Superhuman Project Post

I took almost a 5 month total break from doing any freediving (or breath hold) training prior to April. Why? I felt burnt out from all the training I'd been doing in the pool without any real sight of getting back into the sea to train at depth. I've got to admit, I find training in the pool kinda boring, even if every single day I would ask myself the question, “how can I make today's training fun?”.

Early this month, I ended up taking a vacation on the island of Koh Lipe, Thailand. Part of the reason I chose Koh Lipe was because I have a friend who is running a freediving center there and I wanted to get back into the groove by getting some freediving training and coaching done.

Boy, was day 1 and day 2 back in the sea tough! I felt I was starting all over again. But then, by day 3 of the 4 day training, all the skills and abilities I had gathered last year kicked in again and it got easier.

Anyway, coming back from Koh Lipe early this month, I decided that I MUST get more regular with my training, not over-doing it, but definitely making it more regular.

I've had 5 days of pool training since I came back and today BOOM, magic happened!

Watch my video above for the whole story.

Key To Success and Breakthroughs

More importantly though, besides just sharing my breakthrough story today, in the video, I share with you how I reverse engineered what allowed me to create this massive breakthrough in my freediving training today, along with the powerful concepts that you can take and apply into your own life too.

And don't think for a second this is just about freediving, or only applies to your body or sport. You can take the 3 or 4 major keys to success or to creating breakthroughs that I share in the video and apply them to any area of your life or goal you're working towards.

Superhuman Project – Keys To Creating Breakthroughs (Click Play)

Freediving Breakthrough Dive Time – 4 mins 1 sec!

Superhuman Freediving Breakthrough 4:01