Superhuman Project – Day 12

Superhuman Frank
Frank Medrano Superhuman Strength

Day 12 of my “Superhuman Project(#SHP), Saturday 17th Oct 2015:

  • Slow start to the morning. No more eggs in the fridge so had to improvise with what was available. Today is “binge eating” day, my first in 12 days (which is awesome)!
  • Update in the evening: Wow! 12 days eating healthier food and fuelling my body well (especially really having a good breakfast) resulted in me feeling really energised. There was hardly a day when I felt tired throughout the day. But today, soon after I “binged” and ate that dessert, I felt so tired and bloated! The difference was huge.
  • The other shift I noticed today was, even though it was my binge day, I still naturally felt compelled to eat my usual healthy breakfast, and even the lunch I ordered was reasonably healthy. And it took a lot of thought before I actually let myself have that dessert. I almost had to convince myself to have the dessert and binge today.
  • If you're wondering why I went through that mental effort to convince myself to binge, it's because there are benefits of taking at least one binge day per week in terms of helping fat loss. Surprised?

Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book lesson/s of the day:

  • The choice is yours whether to eat big or eat often. Fat gain will be slightly more with the former, and inconvenience will be much greater with the latter. Pick one and make it your religion for four weeks. It's easy to lose a little extra fat later.
  • If you skip breakfast, or opt for non-breakfast like coffee and toast even once a week, make the blender your first stop after getting out of bed.
  • Recipe for meal replacement or pre-bed snack: 750ml 2% (semi-skimmed) or whole organic milk + 30g whey protein isolate (chocolate is best) + 1 banana + 3 heaped tbsp almond butter (with no sugar, maltodextrin or syrups) + 5 ice cubes.
  • Caloric and protein profile with 2% (semi-skimmed) milk (approximate): 970 cal, 75g protein. 
  • The fixer for insufficient weight gain – LOMAD (liter of milk a day). Adding 1 liter per day each week (often in a shake) while keeping a close monitor on fat gain, is suggested.

Remembering the 3 F's – Fun, Flow and Flexibility. Well, it's my binge day! What else can I say? I'm being flexible and flowing with food today. 🙂

Here's the progress for day 12 of my superhuman project.

Measurements Recorded (on 13th Oct 2015)

*Note: I've decided to take measurements once per week, so the next set of measurements will be on the 20th.

Body weight – 77.3 kg (just an additional measurement because I had an initial goal of dropping to 75kg).

Biceps (Left / Right) – 12.2 in / 12.2 in

Waist – 35.5 in

Hips – 39 in

Thighs (Left / Right) – 22 in / 22 in

Total Inches – 142.9 inches

*Note: These measurements were more accurate as I got help to measure the hard to measure areas like biceps. And, I began using specific points in the middle of each thigh to take measurements for consistency.

Superhuman Diet


100g breaded fried fillet chicken (17g protein).

100g can of tuna (25g protein).

1 glass of water + apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp) + psyllium husk.


150g blackened snapper with vegetables (35g protein).

Ahi tuna salad (15g protein).

Dome dessert (God alone knows the nutritional contents of this amazingly delicious dessert!) – Well it is binge day!


100g stir fried chicken (11g protein) + 1 portion bak choy vegetables + 1 portion ladies fingers.


Mid morning (10:30am) – 140g homemade plain yogurt.

Mid afternoon – none.

*Total protein for the day: 103g YAY!

Superhuman Workout

No workout at all today except a couple of leisurely sets of free immersion freediving in the pool. That about being flexible and flowing with a binge day huh?