Superhuman Project – Day 14

Superhuman Body Jim Rohn quote

Day 14 of my “Superhuman Project(#SHP), Monday 19th Oct 2015:

  • Another day with a slow start and being flexible about what I want to do versus what needs to be done for the kids and to support Romy.
  • Still ate healthy but did forego my planned freediving training in the pool and yoga practice because the kids took priority.

Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book lesson/s of the day:

  • L-glutamine is an amino acid commonly used as a post-workout supplement for tissue repair. The alternative use for it is for intestinal repair. The food you ingest does no good if it isn't or can't be absorbed. This supplement helps repair overcome things like leaky gut syndrome.

Remembering the 3 F's – Fun, Flow and Flexibility today helped me feel happy even though I didn't manage to get my yoga or freediving training done.

Here's the progress for day 14 of my superhuman project.

Measurements Recorded (on 13th Oct 2015)

*Note: I've decided to take measurements once per week, so the next set of measurements will be on the 20th.

Body weight – 77.3 kg (just an additional measurement because I had an initial goal of dropping to 75kg).

Biceps (Left / Right) – 12.2 in / 12.2 in

Waist – 35.5 in

Hips – 39 in

Thighs (Left / Right) – 22 in / 22 in

Total Inches – 142.9 inches

*Note: These measurements were more accurate as I got help to measure the hard to measure areas like biceps. And, I began using specific points in the middle of each thigh to take measurements for consistency.

Superhuman Diet


4 half-boiled eggs (22g protein) + 2 slices bread with little honey.

1 glass of water + apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp) + psyllium husk.


200g homemade pork meatballs (34g protein).

Tomato + avocado salad small portion

100g white rice.


Half (about 100g) of a medium sized grilled fish (35g protein).

1 medium sized quiche.


No snacks today.

*Total protein for the day: 91g YAY!

Superhuman Workout

No workout at all today at all.