Superhuman Project – Day 4

Superhuman Wiring

Day 4 of my “Superhuman Project(#SHP), Friday, 9th Oct 2015: – Noticing my thoughts are occasionally going to when am I going to see this belly flab gone and for my weight to start dropping, and reminding myself to just focus on one day at a time.

Today's takeaways from Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book:

  • Body composition depends more on behavioral modifications than on memorizing the right list of instructions.
  • Simple adjustments like switching breakfast to high-protein meal (at least 30% protein), combined with only 1 set of 3 different exercises each (workout time 5 minutes) done 3 times per week (overall total of only 15 minutes per week), can result in a loss of 3% body fat. Remember MED!

The 3 F's, Fun, Flow and Flexibility, helped me squeeze in my freediving practice while playing in the pool with my wife and two boys.

Don't make excuses! Just find a way and make the time if you really want it.

Here's the progress for day 4 of the superhuman project.

Measurements Recorded (on 6th Oct 2015)

*Note: I've decided to take measurements once per week, so the next set of measurements will be on the 12th.

Biceps (Left / Right) – 12 in / 12.2 in

Waist – 35.2 in

Hips – 38.4 in

Thighs (Left / Right) – 20.5 in / 20.5 in

Total Inches – 138.8 inches

*Note: These measurement were done by myself which was kind of tricky is some parts like the biceps, so may not be totally exact.

Superhuman Diet


4 eggs -half-boiled with little soy sauce and pepper.

2 slices of toast – brown bread.

1 glass of water + apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp) + psyllium husk.

1 glass of water + spirulina powder (1 tsp).


1.5 portions chicken adobo (filipino style).

1 cup brown rice.


1 portion aloo gobi (indian).

1 portion butter chicken (indian).

1 cup white rice.


Mid afternoon – 1/4 papaya + 1 cup homemade plain yogurt.

Evening – 2 glasses of sparkling wine.

Superhuman Workout

Hatha yoga – Yoga routine focused on opening up ribcage, shoulders, shoulder blades, and hips.

Freediving pool training:

  • Warm up -2 sets, 24 meters each, slow, average about 1:10 min each set.
  • Stamina sets – 6 sets, 48 meters each, average about 1:25 min each set, breath up 1 min between sets.
  • Note – All training sets were done with approx. half filled lungs.