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80% of the time, what people think is holding them back from really living the fulfilling and exciting dream life they can imagine, is NOT what is holding them back...

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The Impact Being Created

Dear Mahindra,

I would like to express my appreciation of your coaching that you gave me in the last 6 month. I really enjoyed speaking to you based on the same value and understanding we both have when it comes to life and business skills.

Thank you for allowing me to have a cry when I needed it but also for snapping me out of my misery. I have received great guidance, thoughts and applications from you that I was able to apply in my life.

Your encouragement about me writing a E-book did start a whole new concept of business for me and for that I am also grateful. Above all I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me because you were exactly what I needed at the time to help me move forward.

It was a real pleasure to have been coached, challenged and stretched by you and I wish you all the success you decide to achieve.

God bless you

Jirina Magri Business Owner of Above All Service

Dear Mahindra,

Thank you for the change you brought into my life I deeply appreciate your effort and guidance that shifted all the different aspects of my life my family, my friends, and my career. I enjoy and love life much more now and I have a vision that continuously moves me forward.. thank you again for the valuable hours coaching me that changed my life for ever.

Yousef Al-Essa Project Coordinator - Strategic PMO at Kuwait Finance House

As soon as I started with you I was hooked. Yes I knew NLP and yes I knew about coaching, but what I did not know was how engaging you were and how skillful you were was in working through my "know it all barriers".

Signing up for a years coaching with you was a no brainer. We first worked on the barriers I had in growing my business - my mental barriers that is, and then started on my relationship desires. To finish of my time with you we then worked on my desires for better health. I've achieved so many great results and I am a better person for it.

I would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone Mahindra, anyone who wants to improve any part of their lives, which should be "everyone" I guess.

Michael Lang Managing Director of SG Partners

Mahindra's special approach helps you connect seamlessly to your goals and visions, cut out the noise and channel your authentic self that's required to achieve your best.

Colin Paranchych

Hi Mahindra,

I just wanted to send you this email to let you know that in the short time you have been coaching me, I have experienced an enormous amount of support and understanding. As a result of this support and understanding the assistance you have given me is astronomical.

I never thought breakthroughs and "Aha" moments would come so easily as they do within your coaching calls. The way in which you help me help myself is extraordinary.

You have a true skill when it comes to you getting me to believe in myself, and the tools you are teaching me are life changing. I hope that others too can reap the rewards of your coaching and your passion continues to inspire others as it does me!!

This I believe is just the beginning of our journey together and I look forward to the road ahead as the impossible becomes possible!!

Thanks again for your time and dedication.

Philip Martin Sales Manager, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Hi Mahindra, Thanks for the great phone session.

These 3 words come up when I think of you and how you help me: Creative, Inspiring, Caring

Look forward to our next session!

Mario Pizzolato General Manager at C&V Engineering Services Pty Ltd

Hi Mahindra

Just wanted to thank you for really putting my head in the right frame so that I could see the pattern that was limiting me clearly.

It was a total breakthrough!!! So thank you for that and what has really stood out for me is to be always managing my "state" and seeing the addiction of being defensive when challenged and then justifying it.

So the awareness of my language and emotional state is important for me to change my destiny! It really hit home!

Thank you for your honesty !

Versha Narotam Business Owner of Healing Pathways

Hey Mahindra,

I have some very exciting news…..I scored the job and start in 4 weeks, woohoo! Our coaching call a few days prior to my final interview paid a massive part in enabling me too show up and play full out at the interview.

I took on board what you said about me sounding weak on the development processes so I up skilled on the topic. Prior to the interview I said to myself, ”this job is exactly what I want and I am going to take it no matter what"!

I turned up to the interview and owned it, I was calm, confident and certain and told them that I back my self completely, thanks to the powerful work you did with me. I was offered the job 2 hrs later and have been celebrating ever since. I owe a big part of the success to you.

Thanks a million.

Stuart Plumb Project Manager at Thirdi Property Group

I'm honoured to have experienced that powerful call and just talk from deep down and then just to listen to myself and learn at the same time. I'm grateful to have you as my coach, for your time and your knowledge.

John Nisa Inspire Concrete CEO

Hi Mahindra,

Without you I would have never reached this point. I am sooooo happy about my life and how I think now. Yesterday I taught my first Qi Gong class with 5 participants - who would have thought 1.5 years ago that I'd be a Qi Gong teacher??

Mahindra, I'd like you to know that I am sooooo grateful for what you have done for me - you do an amazing job! You've touched my life forever.

Camilla Moehle Training & Business Development Manager

Hi Mahindra,

In the short time we've work together I've accomplished things I never even imagined before. I began with you have an idea of what I wanted to create but not knowing anything more than, let alone how to go about creating it.

Now, with your coaching and all the tools I've gotten from you, not only am I a coach myself, but also making great progress towards my larger vision and goal.

Indika Ramachandra Group IT Director

Dear Mahindra,

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how much I appreciate you coaching me. You are helping me in more ways than I can even communicate at this time and I just love you for that!!

With that being said, after our last call, something incredible happened! I realized why I haven't moved forward in my life over all these years and spending close to $150,000 on products and programs and coaching. What I realized is that these new principles and processes need to be "conditioned" into my subconscious and continually conditioned and reconditioned, just like my muscles!!

Now I realize it's like how I am getting back into shape after realizing that I let myself get out of shape. I have to go back and recondition myself again but I have to keep it up just like with my mental conditioning. So once again, thank you for this.

Also, I have a GREAT idea for my business that I want to tell you about next call.

Have a great weekend!

Joan Teglovic Managing Director of The Academy For Sales Excellence

I have never had any coaching before. Today was only my third session with you coach Mahindra. I had a bad week last week and I felt empty the whole week. As a result my team was not doing very well either.

I wanted to feel the FIRE in MY STOMACH and feel super motivated again to grow my business, inspire my team and produce a GREAT results in my business.

You really delivered massive value to me today coach!

Thank you very much Coach Mahindra for UNLOCKING MY HEART & MIND so I CAN FEEL ALIVE to pursue my BIG & CHALLENGING OUTCOMES this year.

Rudy Theios Business Owner of enTRpreneur$ Financial Planning

Over the last 3 months, as a result of the greater awareness of myself I have acquired, as well as in having you to whip me into shape and hold me accountable for the actions I commit to, the results for me have been huge already.

For example, I have had consistent weekly wins in forex trading, at one stage even increasing my account by as much as 13% in one week. I have been praised by Apple’s Australian Market Director for my exceptional workshop facilitation skills and ability to engage and inspire. I have registered my own side Coaching business, among a long list of milestones.

I can't be grateful enough for having you as my coach. Thank you.

Raihanaty Jalil Author, Speaker, Trainer & CCC Specialist at SHYFT Coaching

You are giving me everything and more than I am paying for and I want you to know I am so grateful to have you coach me.

Thank you Mahindra.

Graham Brownlie Founder of Amazing Adventures Lanka

Mahindra is one of those 'special people' who honestly wants you to achieve success from the bottom of his heart.

Mohamed Ramzan

Mahindra I feel absolutely amazing after our last session on the 25th May. What we did was so compassionate and so caring and I know you genuinely care about me. I learnt to trust again. Thank you. I feel awake again.

Kevin Waters-Marsh Managing Director at Mana Strata & Property Management

Mahindra is a master at helping you connect to the enormous source of emotional resourcefulness within you in order to fuel your limitless life.

Cynthia Tong

Dear Mahindra,

You've blown me away again! :)

After our latest session I felt a massive weight lift, one of the biggest shifts yet.

I have just released myself of one of the biggest unnecessary pressures.

I'm so grateful for a million things but one in particular is you!

Karen Offord Life Coach and Relationship Counsellor

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