Tony Robbins Incantations

Power Of Incantations – What Got Tony Robbins Success

What Are Incantations? Incantations are empowering phrases or language patterns that you verbalize loudly and with absolute certainty. When “incanting”, you are engaging your entire nervous system with the full force of your focus, emotion, and body to induce a new physiology and instantly cultivate new beliefs. Here’s one of the most important statements I’ve heard Tony speak: – “If you’re not doing incantations, you’re not doing what I teach.” Your Emotional State Is Everything! Why Do Incantations Consistently Every Day? Because, the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of emotions you experience on a

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Superhuman Morning Prep For Freediving

Superhuman Project – Day 184 – Freediving Training Koh Lipe

Superhuman Project – Freediving Training Koh Lipe (Click Play) Day 184 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Wednesday 6th Apr 2016 Today was day 3 of a 4 day freediving training and coaching program I immersed myself into at Koh Lipe, Thailand. The first 2 days were tough and left me feeling like I had lost so much of what I had built up in 2015 in terms of my ability to equalize easily at depth and to relax when the pressure at depth begins to squeeze upon me. But during today's freediving training, the light at the end of the tunnel began appear

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Key To Success Breaking Through Plateaus

Key To Success – How To Avoid Plateaus And Complacency

Why You Must Pay Attention To This If You Want Success You're going to watch a really important video below soon. But before you do, I'd like for you to be aware of and clear about something equally as important. Some people would say plateaus are a natural part of the growth or success path, and other people would say you can bypass plateaus. In fact you'll find all sorts of other content on the web, even from other success gurus like Tony Robbins, speaking about this. Here's my take on it though. It doesn't matter if hitting plateaus and

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Superhuman Push Harder Today

Superhuman Project – Day 152

Superhuman Project – Day 152: Avoiding Complacency and Getting Back On Track (Click Play) Day 152 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Saturday 5th Mar 2016: Sleep: 10:30pm till 5am. Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book lesson/s of the day: No reading done today. 3 F's – Fun, Flow and Flexibility:  Fun, flow and flexibility – remembering that during the hike today turned the hike into a profoundly more pleasurable and fulfilling experience rather than it just being a hike and my race against time! More fun today by going a playing at the indoor trampoline park. Absolutely loved it! And what a great workout too! Superhuman

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Superhuman Mahindra Romy Hike

Superhuman Project – Day 87

Superhuman Project – Get Moving, Feel Great! (Click Play) Day 87 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Thursday 31st Dec 2015: Sleep: 9pm till 5:30am. Awesome sleep! What a way to start a new year fresh! Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book lesson/s of the day: No reading done today. 3 F's – Fun, Flow and Flexibility:  Just flowing with the day and creating as much fun moments with the kids and Romy as possible. Here's the progress for day 87 of my superhuman project. Measurements Recorded (on 25th Dec 2015) Body weight – same as last, 75.7 kg (just an additional measurement because I had an initial goal

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key To Success - Run The Day - Jim Rohn Quote

Key To Success – How To Quickly Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

Why This Is So Important For You To Be Successful We all go through it. We all experience days or even phases of life where we feel caught up in negative emotions, disempowering thought patterns, useless habitual behaviours (or maybe even destructive ones?) and don't seem to be able to get out of that cycle, right? And sometimes, even though you may really want to get out of it, no matter what you tell yourself, or no matter how you try to shift your mind to something positive, it just doesn't seem to work – you just can't seem to

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