Tony Robbins Incantations

Power Of Incantations – What Got Tony Robbins Success

What Are Incantations? Incantations are empowering phrases or language patterns that you verbalize loudly and with absolute certainty. When “incanting”, you are engaging your entire nervous system with the full force of your focus, emotion, and body to induce a new physiology and instantly cultivate new beliefs. Here’s one of the most important statements I’ve heard Tony speak: – “If you’re not doing incantations, you’re not doing what I teach.” Your Emotional State Is Everything! Why Do Incantations Consistently Every Day? Because, the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of emotions you experience on a

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Gratitude Part 1: Daily Gratitude And Why Stack Gratitude

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on gratitude and how you too can be creating an even more happy and fulfilling life if you begin cultivating gratitude daily. Part 1: [You are here] Daily Gratitude and Why Stack Gratitude Part 2: How Daily Gratitude Practice Works So Well Part 3: Seven Simple Ways To Experience More Gratitude Bonus Part: You'll have to read through all 3 parts first before you can get to that. You'll thank me! The Science of Gratitude If there was a really easy and simple solution to you being happier, healthier, more productive and feel a greater sense of

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Imagine Believe Achieve

Is It Really Impossible?

Whatever You Believe It's Possible Or Not, You're Right! What you believe is impossible right now, is likely possible. But first you've got to believe, then you have to take action. It's that simple! I bet most people don't believe that a human being is able to take one breath of air, dive down without any equipment or assistance to 100m, and then swim back up. Is it true that's impossible? Watch this video! It's a video of a man named William Trubridge attempting to break his own world record in a discipline called “freediving” and in the CNF (Constant

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Best Apps - My Fitness Pal

Best Apps – Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Watch The MyFitnessPal Usage and Benefits Video Below After searching in length and testing all the best apps out there to calorie count and have better control over what I'm feeding my body with I finally found what I believe to be the best! Why use a calorie counter app? That's exactly what I wondered when I met people who use one. I thought that since I wasn't overweight or seriously unhealthy that there wouldn't be much benefit for me to use one. But boy was I wrong! Using this calorie counter app called “MyFitnessPal“ absolutely blew my mind away and

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Book Review – The Journey

Do You Want To Be Emotionally Free? I hope (for your sake) you answered “yes”! 🙂 I can't imagine why anyone would say no. To clarify, by “emotionally free” I mean, being free of the emotional baggage you've been carrying around your whole life. Imagine how much lighter you'll feel if you could let go off all that “emotional muck” that's been with you for a long time. It doesn't matter if your focus in life is on business or whatever else, this WILL benefit you immensely! Everyone has at least 1 or 2 dominant limiting emotional patterns to keep living in

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Book Review – Illusions

What Is Real? What Is Truth? These are important questions to ask yourself because failure to do so will have limiting consequences in… The beliefs you set up in your mind Your experience of the world Your creative potential in life As soon as we experience something, our brain has to attach meaning to it. That is a necessity in order for our ego identity to have some sense of certainty to exist in the world. Each moment in your life, just before you attach meaning to any experience or situation, is the most critical moment of your life because that is

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Director Of Your Life Story

Here's an excellent question for you! If you were the director of your own life story, how would you choose to write the story? I shared a post with you about the 3 important decisions that you must make consciously and in alignment with the life you want to create. Those 3 questions and decisions were: What should I really focus on now? What meaning should I give this situation? What do I choose to do that will get me closer to the result I want? It's especially at times of life that you feel are the toughest, and when you feel

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