3 Powerful Questions That Get You Major Progress


What if I told you there was a way you could EASILY increase your productivity by at least 30% (AT LEAST!) and get a lot closer to your goals quicker, would that be something that would interest you?

Here's The Problem Though

StressMost people are caught up in their “to-do” list which most of the time never gets done, aren't they?

Every day, most people write down a list of things to do or actions to take that they believe will help them get closer to their goals. And that's fine if it works and if they actually get stuff done while getting closer to their goals.

But for many of those people that create to-do lists, their to-do lists don't even revolve around a “real result or outcome or goal” that would actually make them feel really fulfilled and satisfied once achieved.

And that's the problem right there because, even if they do “tick off” every thing on their to-do list, they are most likely to feel flat in energy or worse still, tired.

In addition, there is an even larger percentage of the population that creates to-do lists every day but never can seem to complete their to-do list, and in some cases, don't even end up taking action on any of those to-do items! Why?

There are many reasons why that is but the main “root” reason is because they are not asking great quality questions in the first place. The question they ask themselves every day (and be honest if you do this too) is “What do I have to do today?”.

You see…

If You Want Better Results, You Must Ask Better Questions

There are 3 powerful questions that you should be asking if you really want to get better results and greater success. And more importantly, in addition to getting better results or closer to your goals, asking these 3 great quality questions will help you design a “real” plan that will lead to your feeling fulfilled and satisfied by the end of the day (instead of flat or tired). Now wouldn't that be great? These 3 questions will help you:

  1. Get incredibly clear about WHAT you REALLY want.
  2. Get to the core of WHY you REALLY want it.
  3. Get REALLY resourceful on how to get where you want.

These are the 3 most powerful and effective questions of RPM.

What is RPM?

Time MasterRPM stands for Rapid Planning Method.

BUT, more importantly it REALLY means “Results-Focused, Purpose-Driven, Massive Action Plan“!

Whatever life management or time management system you're using right now, if you keep finding yourself in stress and not being able to find the time to do the things you know are really important or that you must be doing to succeed, then when would now be the time to change your approach?

RPM is worth every penny multiplied by a million fold!

Like anything else that's new, there's a learning curve to it, but you will be thanking yourself for having taken the time to master RPM. But don't take my word for it because you know if this is right for you.

And here are some criteria to find out if you need a better way to plan and manage your life:

  • If you are still feeling pulled in a million different directions by different things and people, and finding that you are not doing what's really important to get you the results you want, then maybe now is the time to change your approach.
  • If despite running around the whole day doing things you feel exhausted instead of feeling fulfilled or as people usually say “good-tired”, then something has to change otherwise that cycle of doing and being exhausted will never end.
  • If you find yourself using words like vocabulary like “busy”, “caught up”, “overwhelmed”, “stressed-out”, “don't have the time” and the likes of that, then you would agree that now is the time to change your approach and find a better way, wouldn't you?
  • If having more quality time to spend with your family or to do the things you really WANT to do but can't find the time to do, then I believe you already know what's right for you.

What the video below and Tony Robbins will teach you more about how you can begin use the 3 powerful questions of RPM beginning right now!

Tony Robbins – 3 Power Questiions of RPM