The TRIAD And Power Of Physiology

Emotional Mastery With The Triad

Tiny Shifts In Physiology Is All You Need…

The TriadThis post is part of the TRIAD video series and is Part 2.

In Part 1 – The Power Of Focus And Chunking, you reviewed what the TRIAD consists of. What does it consist of? Do you remember?

That's right…

“The TRIAD consists of Patterns of Physiology, Patterns of Focus and Patterns of Language that determine the STATE (emotional state) you experience.”

In Part 1 of the TRIAD series, you also learnt about how, what you focus on and how you “chunk” information determines how you FEEL, and how you feel consequently affects whether you follow through with the actions you must take and consequently make progress in the direction you want.

This video now, will share with you how powerful and easy-to-use the Power of Physiology is.

Physiology is the quickest and most powerful way to change your State! Tiny Tweaks Can Make BIG Changes.

Why? Well, we'll get to that in a while when you watch the video I'm sharing with you.

It's an awesome video which will radically explode your level of belief and desire to want to be more aware of, and use physiology to change your state!

Power Of PhysiologyThere has been a lot of scientific research done on how physiology (anything to do with your body and even your breathing) directly influences our emotional state, and you'll begin to realize why you must be applying this on a consistent basis to get the kind of results you want!

This is a more scientific perspective that is based on actual tests and measurements. You will really understand the power of physiology after watching this video!

You already know that the “State” you're in affects everything else you do and how you do it. Your “State” affects the quality of your action.

And since physiology is one of the 3 patterns in the TRIAD, which creates our state, let's begin REALLY using physiology more responsibly and consciously, shall we?

As a reminder, once you're done watching this fascinating video, you may deepen your mastery of the TRIAD with Part 3 – The Power of Language and Meaning. Enjoy…

Amy Cuddy – Fake It Till You Be It

Now, you may move onto “TRIAD Part 3: The Power of Language” to deepen your mastery of the TRIAD but before you do, get this….

How To Quickly Develop Success Patterns “Hard-Wired” Into Your Physiology

I'm drilling this into your head ONLY IF you want to get more “bang for your buck” in terms of time and energy. By spending just 10 minutes every day doing incantations, you're going to condition patterns of language, focus/beliefs and physiology that are going to empower you to more easily create the success you desire. You do want that, don't you? Learn more about incantations here if you haven't yet.

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