Challenge Yourself To Make Your Life A Masterpiece

Challenge Yourself

Tony Robbins Challenge

You Must Challenge Yourself!

Why must you challenge yourself to make your life a masterpiece?? It's really simple…Unless you believe in reincarnation, this lifetime is your ONE SHOT!

This lifetime is your ONE OPPORTUNITY to design the life that YOU WANT here and now. You were not given this privilege called “life” to live a life that is dictated by someone else, society, or your unconscious “robotic” patterns of behaviour.

Life is a series of moments. Each moment is passing you by right now, even as you read this!

The First Step To Creating The Life of Your Dreams

Make a decision. Commit now to the decision to not settle for anything less than a life that is truly fulfilling and outstanding!

Creating the life of your dreams can begin now simply by you deciding to consciously live each moment with purpose. Live each moment by taking action in the direction of what you know will fulfill you.

A life of greater fulfilment, joy, happiness, success, abundance and serenity is what you want, isn't it?

If it is, then you must decide and commit to making that happen for yourself, even if you don't know how you will yet.

This is where the “challenge yourself” part comes in.

What Happens With Most People.

Here's what happens with the majority of people. They think of something they want or they get an idea of something they believe will make their life better. Then they go and “try” to take a couple of actions towards achieving that. The few things they “try” don't go as planned and they discover how “hard” the path is. So what they do? They eventually stop “trying” (before they even REALLY gave it a good shot).

Life is full of challenges. The moment you decide to create or achieve something greater than what you have, I guarantee you greater challenges will show up. Why? Because those challenges are meant to prepare you mentally, emotionally and even physically to achieve what you want.

No challenge = no growth = no progress = life stays the same = you don't get what you want.

Get it?

So you must challenge yourself to step up and rise above those challenges. 

Decide. Commit. Take Action.

This is why, after you've made a decision to achieve something in your life, you must first commit to that decision. You must get yourself 100% mentally, emotionally and spiritually committed to do whatever it takes to achieve what you want.

If you don't fully commit before taking action, every single challenge you encounter will be one more reason for you to justify why you should give up. It will be all too easy for you to tell yourself, “maybe this isn't for me, maybe I should just stick to what I've always been doing”.

Challenge yourself to do a little more each day, to go a little further each day, and to step out of your comfort zone a little more each day. That is the only way you're going to achieve anything greater than what you have now. Period.

Decide to thrive, not just survive or sustain life.


You already know this is true. The only reason you're not living life at the level you want is because you haven't fully committed to having what you want. You've not committed to challenging yourself to step up yet.

Look. Here's the thing. This whole “challenge yourself” thing doesn't have to be, and isn't complicated.

Just commit to reading one more page of that book you've been putting aside each day. You could commit to running one more minute longer each day. Or if you're in a sales job, commit to making one more “cold call” to a prospect each day. You get the point yes? A little more each day outside your comfort zone.

Now, go do it.

Let me know if this was the kick in the butt you needed and how valuable it was for you in the comments below.