Accountability And How To Be Accountable



What Is Accountability?

Accountability is not just a character trait or a behavioural pattern, it can also serve as a personal standard. It’s easier to talk about being accountable, rather than to evaluate, determine it or implement it. Practicing accountability means holding yourself and others accountable for actions, decisions, and behaviour.

Unlike responsibility, personal accountability is the willingness to answer for the outcomes of your choices. In being accountable, you step up when you have made bad decisions and do not assign blame or make excuses.

Instead, you own it when your actions fall short in producing expected outcomes. Part of holding yourself accountable is using these situations to propel yourself forward towards better actions and solutions.

Accountable behaviour is a lot easier when things go well, but harder to do when things don’t go so well.

Being Accountable When Things Are Not Going Well

It’s helpful to deal with what is. It does not matter what should have happened – it matters what is. Focusing on seeing things as they are, especially when things are not going your way, saves you the trouble of figuring out who to blame or what to worry over next.

To help being more accountable when facing challenges, ask better questions which are focused driven

  • “How do I want to respond to what is happening right now?”
  • “Do I have a story about what I committed to that is standing in my way of moving forward in my commitment?  What is this story or excuse costing me?”
  • “Is my mindset or psychology about this situation preventing me from moving forward?
  • “What beliefs am I holding onto now, that are holding me back? What must I believe now to take action?”
  • “Is my strategy or are my actions preventing me from getting the results I want? What new strategy do I need to take action on now to move forward?”

Accountability for yourself - Gandhi

Accountability In Results Coaching

Often times clients come to life coaching wanting to be held accountable. The truth is you are only accountable to yourself.  

That being said, outside of the coaching partnership, it would be very beneficial for you to find an accountability partner to remind you of the importance of your word. Together both of you can manage accountability with the outcome of you owning your commitment to a result before you even take action!


Now is the time to step up in your life in order to achieve the results you want. If you need, I am here to support you 100%, as your accountability partner, to challenge you to move forward. I'm here to help you realize who you really are and your full potential, while taking action towards your goals and dreams.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to allow accountability to work in your favour?