Make A Decision And Make It Happen

Make a decision

Make a decision

Why You Must Make A Decision

If you don't make a decision, a clear and committed decision to get what you want, you're leaving your destiny in the hands of luck, the environment and other people.

Decisions are what shape your future and destiny, plain and simple.

Even the decision to “sit on the fence” and not make a decision about something, is still a decision whether you like it or not.

Maybe you haven't realized that yet, and that's why you've been sitting on the fence, not fully making a decision about some of the things in your life?

Whether you decide with conscious intention or whether you decide unconsciously (leaving it to “time”, “fate” or “someone else” to decide for you), you have made a decision, and that decision will shape your future in some way.

Getting Over The Procrastination To Make A Decision

The question is not whether you should or shouldn't make a decision now. Instead, the real question is, whether you'd like your destiny to be shaped by your conscious decisions or, by something or someone else.

When people hesitate to make a decision, most of the time it's because they don't want to make the wrong decision. I get that. I've fallen into that trap too.

But what if I told you this: “You're guaranteed to achieve the success you want ONLY after you've made 1000 mistakes. How slow or fast you achieve your success is up to you but, you will only get that success after you've made 1000 mistakes.”

What would you do if you knew that was true?

Wouldn't you feel compelled to get off your butt right now and make as many mistakes as you can in the shortest amount of time possible??

Everyone I've personally asked that question to before has said “YES!“. Maybe you just answered “yes” too (I hope, for the sake of your success)!

Watch this video now as Tony elaborates on the points I've just made in this blog post, then share what you think in the comment section below.

Tony Robbins – Make A Decision And Commit To It