Superhuman Project – Day 184 – Freediving Training Koh Lipe

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Superhuman Project – Freediving Training Koh Lipe (Click Play)

Day 184 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Wednesday 6th Apr 2016

Today was day 3 of a 4 day freediving training and coaching program I immersed myself into at Koh Lipe, Thailand.

The first 2 days were tough and left me feeling like I had lost so much of what I had built up in 2015 in terms of my ability to equalize easily at depth and to relax when the pressure at depth begins to squeeze upon me.

But during today's freediving training, the light at the end of the tunnel began appear again, and it seems like all the neural pathways that had been created in my brain previously, began to activate again.

Such an amazing feeling to be able to relax and comfortable freedive to depths greater than 30m again!

Every single day of the process in my superhuman project I remind myself to have fun, to flow with what is presented and to be flexible. Some days feel easier to apply fun, flow and flexibility than others. Today was one of those days.

Although we were experiencing a “black moon phase” and the currents were all over the place, causing challenges to maintaining a nice streamlined freefall body position during freedives, I was able to relax pretty well which obviously helped my equalizations.

What The Key To Success and Breakthroughs Today Were

The video above shows my third freedive of the session, using fins  to go to 32m and come back up. It felt so effortless and relaxed.

It's always important to track and measure your progress and what you're doing to get progress. That's one of the main reasons I began the superhuman project.

What helped seems to be turning off my dive watch depth alarms and keeping only one alarm to notify me at 20m so I know when to begin my free fall. That allowed me to just shut off my brain and focus on only one thing – “RELAX” the whole free fall down. I thank Nicky Lacey, my freediving coach for this suggestion and tip!

Getting coaching is invaluable no matter what goal or area of life you're working on because it offers a different perspective on things and gets you (and your limiting beliefs) out of your own way!

Often, once we see things a certain way, we begin to convince ourselves that is “the way” to do it, and hence, we keep ourselves in the loop of using the same approach to get the same results over and over again.

Because of that, I'm grateful for the freediving coaching I got while I was on Koh Lipe.

Who knows what breakthroughs in freediving are waiting for me around the corner!

Morning Preparation Ritual For Freediving

Superhuman Morning Prep For Freediving