Superhuman Project – Day 41

Superhuman Stig

Superhuman Project – Freediving Training (Click Play)

Day 41 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Sunday 15th Nov 2015:

  • Sleep: 11pm till 6:30am. The solid sleep portion was till 4:30am, then it was light sleep.
  • Woke up feeling great regardless and began with yoga, breathing exercises and nutrition.
  • Doing spiritual clearing work in the morning also helps prepare me to attract wonderful experiences.

Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body book lesson/s of the day:

  • No reading done. Didn't bring the book on this trip.

3 F's – Fun, Flow and Flexibility: 

  • The first dive today wasn't good. My mind was too noisy. Before the next five I reminded myself to have fun. And I did, for all the subsequent dives.

Here's the progress for day 41 of my superhuman project.

Measurements Recorded (on 27th Oct 2015)

Body weight – 76.4 kg (just an additional measurement because I had an initial goal of dropping to 75kg).

Biceps (Left / Right) – 13.0 in / 13.0 in

Waist – 34.5 in

Hips – 38.2 in

Thighs (Left / Right) – 21.4 in / 21.7 in

Total Inches – 143.4 inches


  • Both biceps stayed the same.
  • Waist reduced by what seems like 0.9 inch.
  • Hips almost the same.
  • Thighs increased a little.
  • Looking good!

Superhuman Diet


1 glass of water + 1 tsp wheatgrass powder.

4 hard-boiled eggs + 70g canned tuna + sunflower kernel seeds.


  • Had breakfast at 8:30am. This seems to be working well.
  • Also, just before heading out to the boat at about 11am, it helps when I have a small portion of sunflower kernel seeds. This keeps my energy at more sustainable levels.


1/2 portion rice + panang chicken curry.


Medium portion pasta with tomato sauce.

Evening snack (6pm): 

  • 1 latte.
  • 1/2 slice cheese cake.

Evening snack (9pm): 

  • 1 beer.

Superhuman Workout:


  • 30 min yoga routine.
  • 30 mins of breathing exercises.

Superhuman Stig

Freediving training (Open Water Training):

  • FIM (warm up sets): 1st slow 12m in 1:35 (noisy mind). 2nd set 20m (self limited) in 2:47 (New P.B!!). 3rd set 28m in 1:33 (relaxed normal speed).
  • CWT: 28m (end of line) in 1:15, relaxed and equalization work well. Free fall was nice.
  • CNF (mask): 28m in 1:21, end of the line! 
  • FIM (slow dive): 28m in 2.33. 
  • FIM (slow dive): 28m in 2.39 (new P.B. for depth and time). 
  • Breakthrough today was doing multiple sets of 28m (end of line) in a row. Equalization was very manageable even at last couple of meters.

Strength Training (gym): 

Warm up jog: – No warm up jog today. Got straight to the workout routine after some light stretching.

Push ups: – 3 sets x 25 reps, horizontal, body weight, narrow grip. With legs raised at about 30 degree angle.

Pull ups (palms face away): – 3 sets x 10 reps, body weight (76kg), wide grip.

Leg extensions: 2 sets x 10 reps of 60kg.

Dips: – 2 sets x 10 reps, body weight.

Lunges: – 2 sets x 10 reps, body weight.

Close grip supinated (palms facing me) pull ups: – 2 sets x 10 reps, body weight (76kg).

Abdominal leg raises (modified): – 2 sets x 20 reps.

Side (double) leg raises: – 1 set each side x 20 reps then hold for 20 secs.

Lying raised bent knee side twists: – 20 reps each side.

Total workout time: 19:00. Felt much better and had more energy. My body is getting used to freediving and then strength training after. The power nap helped too.