3 Important Decisions That Shape Your Life

Whether we like it or not, and whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly making decisions throughout the day. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you lay to fall asleep at night, you are constantly making decisions.

Decision Making is what shapes destiny, whether in business, corporate or personal life.

Whether you choose to sit and do nothing or get up and do something, and whether you feel you made that decision consciously or not, you would have altered the direction of your day and therefore inevitably the direction of your life.

No matter how big or small each decision you make is, the truth is, you are altering the course of your destiny in one way or another.

Whether people decide to invest their time, money and energy in personal development or not, will certainly direct their life towards significantly different outcomes.

Tony Robbins DecisionsWhether people choose to make full use of the opportunities they have right in front of them or not, will influence and shape their destiny in significantly different ways.

Whether people choose and decide to ask better quality questions when life feels hard, will again, determine the direction of their life.

Decisions, decisions, decisions, all the time!

See here's the thing.

Often we're not even aware of the decisions we're making at the “speed of thought” .

What we do know is that we all end up in situations or places in life that we don't like.

If you don't like something then change it. But to change it you're going to have to make a clear decision.

Great leaders don't necessarily make the best decisions, but they do make decisions, even the hard decisions. They decide and act, and if they find out they were wrong, then they change and decide again.

Every Situation Brings 3 Important Decisions That Need To Be Made

If you want to have any chance at all to create your life and destiny the way you want it, you MUST be aware of these 3 questions and decisions ALL THE TIME.

As if that's not enough, you MUST build the muscle of asking these 3 important questions , especially when the going gets tough, when you feel ultimately challenged or when you feel like there simply are no choices left!

Watch Tony as he teaches and explains what these 3 crucial decisions are and how YOU can take back control of your life and shape your OWN destiny!

The 3 decisions are:

  1. What should I really focus on now? What you focus on you're going to feel.
  2. What meaning should I give this to get me closer to my desired outcome? The meaning you apply will determine how you feel and what you are willing to do.
  3. What do I choose to do that will get me the result I want?

Tony Robbins – 3 Important Decisions That Shape Your Destiny