The Power Of Focus And Chunking – TRIAD Part 1


The Power of Focus

Why Talk About The Power of Focus

The power of focus in undeniable in how it helps you create or achieve what you desire. It's essential you develop the power of focus within you to achieve greater levels of success.

Yet, so many people have trouble focusing for more than 10 minutes on one important task. Their focus is drawn away to something less important so easily. As a result, they don't finish important tasks, and find they run out of time.

There are many strategies that will help you develop the power of focus but this blog post won't cover that. What you'll learn here is more about the mindset needed to be able to harness the power of focus, and “get shit done”!

Let's Recap And Create A Foundation For What You'll Learn

You may have already read the post and watched the video about Creating A New Life Story. That life story of yours is basically your life vision or blueprint.

Create a New Life Story, Change Your Life!

The important thing about our “Story” is, whatever story we keep holding onto, will direct our focus.

In a previous post, I wrote about the 3 S's For Success – State, Story and Strategy – where I highlighted “State Always Comes First!

In that post, I shared a video of Tony doing a quick intervention with an event participant who was depressed, simply by bringing awareness to the TRIAD he was running, and then helping him change his TRIAD. If you didn't watch it then go and watch that TRIAD video because it will greatly help you understand how to shift out of dis-empowering emotions and focus on what you want.

This post, in addition to teaching about the power of focus, is part 1 of the TRIAD video series.

What is the TRIAD again?

The TRIAD consists of 3 Primary Patterns which create the emotional state you experience. The 3 patterns are Patterns of Physiology, Patterns of Focus/Beliefs and Patterns of Language/Meaning.

The Triad

It's important to keep “the TRIAD” in mind because focus is part of the TRIAD. Furthermore, any emotion you experience is created from it's own TRIAD.

The Power Of Focus

On what or where does your focus go majority of the time? What do you find yourself consistently focusing on?

The truth is, whatever you consistently place your focus on, i.e. “whatever patterns of focus you run consistently” determines where you live mentally and emotionally.

“What you focus on you feel. What you feel, you are moved to somehow actuate!”

Your dominant focus is literally determining the actions you take and the direction of your life.


The Power of Focus Combined With Chunking

What's awesome about the video you're about to watch is, Tony Robbins will also teach you one of the most important skills you could ever want to have. Imagine the keys to the Universe being handed to you now… that's how important this skill is! Why?

Because, it answers important questions like:

a) How to fit everything you need to do into your day when you feel like there's just so much to do?

b) Why we end up not following through with things we KNOW are important and that will get us results we want?

c) What is it that makes us feel like we don't have enough time to do all we need to do?

d) And why is it that even though we do so much, sometimes we don't feel fulfilled?

Tony Robbins explains the two fundamental principles that are part of everything he teaches, the Power of Focus and The Power of Chunking.

Tony Robbins – The Power Of Focus And Chunking

If you've watched the video above, finish reading this post then you may move onto “TRIAD Part 2: The Power of Physiology“. By doing that you will deepen your mastery of the TRIAD.

The Most Effective Way To Maximize The Power of Focus

Do you want to break free of the cyclic and destructive patterns of focus and belief you have? Because if you do, there's no quicker and more effective way to do that than doing incantations. Spending just 10 minutes every day doing incantations will begin re-wiring your brain with the positive beliefs you want. Learn more about incantations here if you haven't yet.

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