Create Better Results By Changing Your Approach

Better Results - Change Your Approach - Einstein Quote

Better Results - Change Your Approach - Einstein Quote

What It Takes For You To Get Better Results Than You Have Been Getting

Everyone who invests in either coaching, personal development seminars, or buys personal development programs, wants better results than they've been getting. These days, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of ongoing personal development.

People have varied goals. Have you been trying to increase your income? Maybe you've been trying to improve the quality of your relationship with your partner? Or, maybe you've been trying to be a better leader and business owner? Perhaps your focus has been on developing habits and rituals that will empower your life?

There are all sorts of reasons people just like you invest in hiring a peak performance results coach, or personal development. But the bottom line is, everyone wants something slightly or totally “different” from what they have previously been getting. Everyone wants to “improve the quality of their life” or “get better results”, right?

What is it YOU really want?

How Do You Get Or Create What You Really Want?

More specifically, how do you get better results when all that you've been doing has not been producing the results you want?

Before answering that question, let's talk about what doesn't work.

Most people tend to search for more tools or strategies to achieve what they want. But here's the catch. Even if I gave you the most successful strategies and tools (which I will if you and I work together), if you don't actually invest the time to use them, what results will you get then?

The answer is obvious yes? Nothing different from what you've been getting.

You'd keep getting them same results you have always been getting because nothing has changed.

Here's another example. I see this a lot in the coaching work I do. Most people who are working regular 9 to 5 jobs want to double, triple or quadruple their income.

How would you do that? Well, in most cases, staying in that same job is not the solution or way to double your income.

So you would need to either start some kind of business, or you would need to get a job that pays what you want.

Either way you go, there's one key to success that you must use and make a habit.

What is it?

You Must Be Willing To Change Your Approach

What does that mean? It means many things but here are 4 main things involved in changing your approach.

First, you must be willing to see things from a different perspective.

Second, you must be willing to change your deeply rooted habits.

Third, you must be willing to do things differently.

And fourth, you must be willing to even do things you have never done before.

Your brain has so much more potential and resources that are untapped.

But, the potential and resources that will be available to you are going to be limited by how you see the world. That's true because, how you see the world is going to determine what you are willing to try on or do.

Getting Better Results Through Results Coaching

This is where the “real value” of results coaching comes in – in getting you to shift perspectives, change beliefs and rules you have, and try on different actions or approaches.

Some people come to coaching with fixed ideas of “how they think coaching should be done” or “what structure their coach should follow”. That approach of theirs actually limits the amount of value and the results they can get from coaching.

It doesn't matter whether you get coaching to improve the quality of your life or if you invest in some other “vehicle” of personal development to get better results.

The point is, if you keep holding onto the same ideas of how things should be, and the same perspectives you've always had, then you're guaranteed the same results you've always gotten.

The worst part is, it won't matter how hard you've tried to make progress, how much you've invested, or what “fancy strategies” you've got, you'll still get the same result as before.

What Needs To Change

So what needs to be change to get different and better results from what you've been getting?

You need to change how you “see” things (or the world), the beliefs you're holding onto, and the way you're doing things that are NOT getting you the results you want and will likely NEVER get you the results you want. You also need to change the way you approach challenges you face from now on.

Here's another simple example. Let's say you want to make more money. Typically you wake up at 7am every morning, get ready and go to work. You work the whole day and only come home at about 7pm. Then, by the time you relax, have dinner and maybe spend time with your family, it's time for bed again.

So where is that “more money” you want to make, going to come from?

This by the way is a common thing that comes up in the coaching work I do. When I ask clients if they could wake up earlier every day, they have all sorts of “reasons” why they can't or it will be difficult.

If that's the case, what can you expect more of then? What results can you expect going forward?

Obviously the same results you've been getting your whole life – the same limited income you've been making (in the case of this example). And yet, many people persist in using the “Insanity Approach” to get different results. They are unwilling to change their approach, their beliefs, what time they wake up every morning, etc.

The Insanity Approach

Get Better Results - Einstein Insanity Quote

Let's get one thing straight. I too find myself using the “Insanity Approach” occasionally – using the same approach while expecting different results. That's why I have my own coach to “kick my a##”! My coach challenges me to see things differently, and holds me accountable to do things differently (or trying out different approaches).

If you don't have anyone to do that with you and if you continue to hold onto your old beliefs of how you think things should be, then it's very likely you'll just have to deal with getting the same results over and over again.

And really, that's not what you want is it?

Why Most People Don't Get What They Want

So why do so many people all over the world say they want better things in life and a better quality life, but yet never seem to get there?

A big reason is because, they only know what they know, they have no one to help them “stretch beyond their comfort zone” to use different approaches, and they have no one to hold them accountable to the higher standard they must live at, in order to succeed.


Do whatever it takes to get yourself into the “state of readiness and willingness” to be constantly taking action, seeing if what you're doing is working, and if it's not, to change your approach and try something else.

How much or how often do you change your approach?

Until you find one approach that works and gets you better results that you want!