Emotional Mastery With The TRIAD

Emotional Mastery With The Triad

The Keys To Emotional Mastery

Want to learn how to master your emotions? Is emotional mastery even possible?

In this post, I want to share with you an important video where Tony Robbins does a quick intervention at a live event with a guy. Tony uses his TRIAD technology to change the emotional state of Bob and the direction of his life from that point on.

Then, I'm going to share with you what the “3 S's to Success” are. Remember the “3 S's” because it is a powerful framework you can use to get out of any challenging situation.

In an earlier post, I shared a video with you where Tony Robbins was speaking about “How To Change Your Life By Changing Your Story”. That post and video teaches you about the second “S” of the 3 S's which is “Story”.

This post is all about the first “S” in the 3 S's, which is “State”. This whole “state management” using the TRIAD that you're going to learn here is how you can develop emotional mastery.

What Is The TRIAD?

And, what does it have to do with developing emotional mastery?

The TRIAD is the most important thing you'll want to remember and use every day of your life from here on! If you're not using it, you're really missing out on your higher potential because the TRIAD is the quickest way to put yourself in an AWESOME STATE.

If you're in an awesome emotional state, the quality of your actions or behaviours will naturally be greater.

The TRIAD consists of 3 Primary Patterns which create the emotional state you experience. These 3 patterns are the Patterns of Physiology, Patterns of Focus/Beliefs and Patterns of Language/Meaning.

Every single emotional state (emotion) you can think of or that you've ever experienced has it's own TRIAD. That is really important to remember!

Emotional Mastery With The Triad

Memorize And Use The TRIAD To Build Emotional Mastery Daily

Memorize what the TRIAD consists of (memorize that image above of the TRIAD) and remember it forever. In addition to that, you'd want to use this tool every single day for the rest of your life to get yourself into the emotional states that would serve you best. Why?

Well firstly because, in all the life-transforming interventions Tony Robbins does with people from all over the world – he never begins any change work or intervention without changing a person's state first.

Needless to say, every Tony Robbins Peak Performance Coach (like me) does the same with coaching clients too.

And secondly because, everything in life is dependent upon 80% psychology/mindset and 20% strategy. If you don't get yourself in an empowered emotional state (STATE) first, you will not be as effective in anything you do.

Understanding and Using The 3 S's – State, Story, Strategy

“State Always Comes First!”

Anytime you find yourself in a challenging situation, or not feeling the way you want to be feeling, ask yourself these 3 important questions:

1) What STATE am I in right now?

2) What STORY am I holding onto or telling myself?

3) What STRATEGY am I using to handle this situation?

Your job is to change one or all of those in order to begin getting better results.

Watch Tony Robbins now (in the video) as he demonstrates how to change your TRIAD in order to change your STATE.

After watching the powerful video below, create a deeper understanding of how to effectively use this tool called the TRIAD by immersing in the “TRIAD Series”, which is listed here:

Tony Robbins – Change Your TRIAD = Change Your STATE

The Most Efficient and Effective Way To Use The TRIAD Intelligently

Do you want a shortcut to creating positive and empowering emotional patterns in your life?

How about a shortcut to success?

In reality, there is no shortcut to success. You still need to do the work to create the success you want. But, there is a way to create the emotional mastery and resourcefulness you need to get the success you want.


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