Every Day Just Do It

Do It! Embrace The Fear. Just Do It!

Here’s a powerful and moving video I’d like to share with you by the awesome “Gary Vee” which says it all! When I watched this video on Facebook, it really struck a deep cord inside of me and I was moved beyond words.

Key To Success

The Key to Success Is Not In The Big Things!

Watch the video I made for you. In it I share how a simple 2mm shift (tiny adjustment) in my approach resulted in a massive breakthrough while diving 30m deep on a single breath of air (no equipment)!


TRIAD – The Power Of Language And Meaning

You’re Not Experiencing Life! Rather, more specifically, you’re not experiencing life the way it actually presents itself to you. That’s a pretty bold statement to make you may think, but it’s absolutely true! Here’s why… “We experience the by-product of our own re-packaging or re-presentation of life and whatever we experience!” What does that mean? …

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