Superhuman Underwater Yoga

Superhuman Project – Day 34

Day 34 of my “Superhuman Project” (#SHP), Sunday 8th Nov 2015: WOW! Just remembering to have fun while freediving and flow with the process turned the day around and created breakthroughs. Watch the video about “3 keys to breakthrough”!

Why Is More Important

Why Is More Important Than How

“Why” Is More Important Than Anything Else Watch the video below, but before you do… Often, we get fixated on what we’re going to do in order get the result we want. Most people tend to ask questions like, “How do I do that?”, “How am I going to achieve that?”, “What actions do I need to …

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This Way To Gratitude

Gratitude Series Bonus!

This is the bonus part of a 3 part series on gratitude and how you too can be creating an even more happy and fulfilling life if you begin cultivating gratitude daily. Part 1: Daily Gratitude and Why Stack Gratitude Part 2: How Daily Gratitude Practice Works So Well Part 3: Seven Simple Ways To Experience More Gratitude …

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Imagine Believe Achieve

Is It Really Impossible?

Whatever You Believe It’s Possible Or Not, You’re Right! What you believe is impossible right now, is likely possible. But first you’ve got to believe, then you have to take action. It’s that simple! I bet most people don’t believe that a human being is able to take one breath of air, dive down without …

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Book Review – The Journey

Do You Want To Be Emotionally Free? I hope (for your sake) you answered “yes”! 🙂 I can’t imagine why anyone would say no. To clarify, by “emotionally free” I mean, being free of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around your whole life. Imagine how much lighter you’ll feel if you could let go off all …

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Book Review – Illusions

What Is Real? What Is Truth? These are important questions to ask yourself because failure to do so will have limiting consequences in… The beliefs you set up in your mind Your experience of the world Your creative potential in life As soon as we experience something, our brain has to attach meaning to it. …

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