Director Of Your Life Story

Here’s an excellent question for you! If you were the director of your own life story, how would you choose to write the story? I shared a post with you about the 3 important decisions that you must make consciously and in alignment with the life you want to create. Those 3 questions and decisions were: What …

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Daily Gratitude

The Magic Of Gratitude

Here’s a video I made for my yoga followers just a little while back. I share how anyone can easily cultivate an inner sense of gratitude, peace, calm, certainty and serenity easily in just 3 to 5 mins. Once you’re done with this video and post, you will also gain immense benefit from getting your …

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TRIAD – The Power Of Language And Meaning

You’re Not Experiencing Life! Rather, more specifically, you’re not experiencing life the way it actually presents itself to you. That’s a pretty bold statement to make you may think, but it’s absolutely true! Here’s why… “We experience the by-product of our own re-packaging or re-presentation of life and whatever we experience!” What does that mean? …

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